VIP Networking Event

Earlier this evening, Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, attended an exclusive Wharton VIP networking event at the Science Center:

VIP Networking Event in the Science Center
VIP Networking Event in the Science Center

Please join Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs and the University City Science Center in a Networking Event with students from the Wharton Venture Initiation Program on Monday, November 9 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at University City Science Center. Join us for refreshments and mix with Wharton/Penn’s best and brightest student entrepreneurs along with some of the Philadelphia region’s leading business professionals including numerous Wharton and Penn alums. This event is a rare opportunity for the area’s VC, angel, legal, and financial services communities to meet and mingle with both rising and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The area’s leading professionals were in attendance, and ChronoWake has made many valuable contacts, including investors and legal consultants.

We would like to thank the Wharton Venture Initiation Program and the University City Science Center for this great opportunity to help fulfill our business objectives.

Laboratory Management Course

Laboratory Management Course
Laboratory Management Course

On October 26 – 28, 2009, Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, attended a three-day laboratory management course, offered by Smart Consulting Group, LLC.

A successful lab is at the heart of any thriving pharmaceutical or biotech company. But running a successful lab in the 21st century requires a complex skill set. You have to have deep technical understanding and project management expertise. You also have to juggle the many personalities of researchers, regulators, and organizational hierarchy. You must develop a clear and focused vision, be ruthlessly efficient with your resources, and be disciplined in your execution.

Nigel Smart of Smart Consulting Group, LLC
Nigel Smart of Smart Consulting Group, LLC

The fascinating topics covered ranged from laboratory organization and communication to bio-terrorism. ChronoWake has benefited greatly from this training course, increasing laboratory efficiency and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

This workshop was also an excellent networking opportunity, connecting ChronoWake with high-level employees of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations, potentially paving the way toward a future partnership or acquisition.

Normally priced at $900, Ryan was able to participate for free, courtesy of grants from the Delaware Valley Innovation Network and the US Department of Labor. We would like to thank these agencies for providing this opportunity at no cost to our company.

Meet the Experts Event

Earlier today, several members of the ChronoWake Team attended an exclusive “Meet the Experts” event hosted by Wharton VIP. The presentations included the following:

  • Startup Operations
    Alex Gellman, President & COO, Global Tower Partners
  • Launching a Successful Business as a Penn Student
    Nathaniel Stevens, Founder, Yodle
  • Fundraising for Startups
    Deepak Sindwani, Principal, Bain Capital Ventures
  • Grant Funding for Early Stage Ventures
    Christopher Laing, PhD, Director of Science & Technology, University City Science Center
  • Prototyping
    Jason Halpern, Founder, Power Flower Solar

The ChronoWake Team gained excellent information and assistance to further venture objectives. We would like to thank Wharton VIP for organizing this great event.