Presenting at Kairos Summit 2010

Kairos CrestChronoWake is proud to have been invited to unveil our company at the Kairos Summit 2010 this Saturday, April 17, 2010. Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, was invited to join the Kairos Society in April 2009. He will be unveiling ChronoWake on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, after having gone through a challenging selection process and being chosen as one of the world’s 100 top student entrepreneurs. The unveiling is designed to:

  • Provide an opportunity to share entrepreneurial stories with the media
  • Connect with other top students who might join their venture
  • Share cutting-edge ideas with other bright minds
  • Provide selected investors with a first look at the companies of tomorrow
  • Create lasting mentoring relationships with successful leaders from around the world
  • Foster relationships with select professional firms

In attendance will be over 100 highly successful mentors, over 500 of the world’s most innovative students, and members of the local, national, and global media.

Additionally, an impressive group of featured guests will be in attendance, including Admiral William Owens (Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Peter Diamandis (Founder & CEO, X-Prize Foundation), Maria Bartiromo (Anchor, CNBC), Duncan Niederauer (CEO, New York Stock Exchange), Bob Berkowitz (Former White House Correspondent), Ellen Kullman (Chairman and CEO, DuPont), and many more.

The ChronoWake Team would like to thank the Kairos Society for the unique honor of presenting our company at this summit.

Ryan Pursuing Biomedical Engineering PhD

Drexel UniversityWe are proud to announce that our President/CEO, Ryan Goldstein, has been enrolled as a Biomedical Engineering PhD student at Drexel University. He is specializing in neuroengineering.

Development of ChronoWake while Ryan pursues this doctoral degree will continue, albeit more passively than before. However, upon obtaining the degree, Ryan will have acquired unique knowledge and skills that will keep ChronoWake on the cutting edge, surpassing competitors by utilizing the most recent advancements in the biomedical engineering and neuroengineering fields.

Accepted to Final Semester of Wharton VIP

The results of the (re)application process for the Wharton Venture Initiation Program have been announced, and we are happy to say that we have been accepted to our fifth consecutive semester in VIP, effective through May 2010. As per the program’s five semester policy, this will be ChronoWake’s final semester as an active member. We are looking forward to making the most out of this semester so that we are maximally prepared to further our business upon leaving. Fortunately, we will be able to utilize the extensive alumni network, and have access to the private VIP listserv, after we graduate from the program.

Competition to join Wharton VIP has continued to be very intense, with 42 companies vying for 11 spots. We would like to sincerely congratulate the newly accepted ventures, listed below.

Cape Wines: The company is a U.S. importer of South African medium to high-range wine which would contribute a portion of its proceeds to a fund towards microfinancing local African farmers.
CollegeCups: CollegeCups will be a producer and distributor of plastic party cups containing printed logos and slogans of universities, fraternities, and sororities throughout the country.
Jimmy Helmets: Bike helmets that blend fashion with safety by adding a fashionable hat/cover that fits onto our specially designed base helmet.
LongTail Grants: LongTail Grants will provide social and financial benefits to the world through running an interactive website that connects donors with motivated individuals looking to make positive differences in their communities.
MobileBlick: Developing and selling a personal head-up-display with a lightweight and compact design that takes video inputs from smartphones and ipods.
Public Health Insurance Connector: The company will find and enroll the hundreds of thousands of people eligible for free public health insurance (e.g. Medicaid).
Safer Taxi: SaferTaxi increases the safety of taxi passengers by registering their taxi rides: By sending a simple text message to SaferTaxi, customers create a record of their taxi ride, get instant feedback about safety issues related to their driver and can opt for automatic notification of an emergency contact.
Simplegrid NOW: Provide enterprise level business continuity to the small and medium business. Tatako enables retailers to create mobile storefront applications for a variety of mobile platforms through our easy-to-use online application designer tool.
UniGlam: UniGlam is a private sales club which gives undergraduate students access to brands they care about at heavily discounted prices.
UTurn: UTurn is an automatic bidirectional page-turner for pianists that frees the user from the constraints of preloading pages.

Note: If any of the companies would like to edit their company name/description or add a link to their website in this post, please comment below or contact us.

View the list of all current VIP members. Once again, congratulations to the newly accepted companies; we look forward to working with you!