Nanoscale Wireless Technology

At ChronoWake, we strive to remain on the cutting-edge. We openly embrace technological advances that improve product quality and efficiency, minimize power consumption, reduce impact on the environment, or otherwise enhance our company and society. Nanotechnology promises many improvements over existing technology. Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, wrote a detailed overview of the current state of nanotechnology in the wireless realm. As it becomes economically feasible, we plan to implement such technology into our products.

You may download Ryan’s wireless nanotechnology report. Feel free to comment on this entry or contact us; we welcome your feedback!

Phase I Reapplication Accepted

Based on the current research and development state of ChronoWake, the team decided that reapplication to Phase I in the Wharton Venture Initiation Program is the best course of action. We are proud to announce that ChronoWake has been successfully accepted to continue in Wharton VIP as a Phase I venture. This extends the guidance and support through this program up through May 2009, at which time another reapplication is required. From the acceptance letter:

We have enjoyed working with you in the Wharton Venture Initiation Program. We are delighted to grant your request to remain in Phase I of the program for the Spring semester.

The ChronoWake Team would like to congratulate and welcome the newly accepted ventures: is a professional website where people can choose the place, choose the people, and choose the time to find new local and on-travel business relationships.
Nubeco Consultores: Nubeco Consulting is an innovative service firm that provides a variety of representation services to operators of Eco-tourism and Adventure sports in Latin America.
Pandora’s Closet: Pandora’s Closet is a searchable clothing website that uses consumers’ stated and implicit preferences to narrow their search results (similar to how uses listeners’ preferences to send them the most suitable music selections).
Sourcerer: Sourcerer offers a big step in the evolution of the process of conducting research, increasing information sharing and accessibility while bringing together academics, graduate students, and professionals.
Planet Sujo: Sujo is an online marketplace for renewable energy solutions.
DocAsap: Online medical appointment scheduling service.
YourCampus360: YourCampus360 creates virtual campus tours for colleges that give prospective students the ability to experience what it is truly like to live on campus and become a member of the college’s community.

Wharton VIP Networking Event

Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, and David Lam, Product Manager, attended a Wharton Venture Initiation Program networking event at the Science Center this evening:

Please join Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs and the Science Center in a Networking Event with students from the Wharton Venture Initiation Program on Wednesday, November 19 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the University City Science Center. Join us for refreshments and mix with Wharton/Penn’s best and brightest student entrepreneurs along with some of the Philadelphia region’s leading business professionals including numerous alums. This event is a rare opportunity for the area’s VC, angel, legal, and financial services communities to meet and mingle with both rising and seasoned entrepreneurs.

ChronoWake has made some excellent contacts, including leading venture capitalists, angel investors, and legal consultants, in furtherance of our venture objectives.

Thanks to the Wharton Venture Initiation Program and the University City Science Center for this unique opportunity.