Wharton Venture Award Finalist Selection

We are happy to announce that Rob Goldstein, Chief Financial Officer, has been selected as one of eight finalists for the Wharton Venture Award. Following a presentation to the Wharton Venture Award Selection Committee, consisting of prominent venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs, three of these eight finalists are selected to receive $10,000 cash.

ChronoWake is honored to have been selected as a finalist for this prestigious award. We would like to greatly thank Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs and the Wharton Venture Award Selection Committee for such an exceptional distinction.

*UPDATE* We won the Wharton Venture Award!

Accepted to Weiss Tech House

We were notified today that the Innovation Fund Committee has accepted ChronoWake to the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund. This allows our venture to take advantage of the services offered to teams admitted to this organization, including free access to laboratory space for prototyping, legal services for intellectual property protection, and more. Additionally, we are provided a $1,000 grant to help fund the development of our physical product.

ChronoWake is proud to join the ranks of several prominent, successful Innovation Fund projects. We would like to thank the Innovation Fund Committee and the Weiss Tech House for providing this great opportunity to advance our venture!

Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference 2009

Donny Deutsch
Donny Deutsch

Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, Rob Goldstein, Chief Financial Officer, and Josh Magarick, Chief Technology Officer, represented ChronoWake yesterday at the 2009 Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference. This was a fantastic opportunity to network and obtain invaluable feedback. Further, the team met informally with Donny Deutsch (pictured) before his keynote speech, from which ChronoWake may be featured on his popular show on CNBC, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

Additionally, the ChronoWake Team would like to thank the hundreds of people who stopped by our table at the Expo to learn more about our venture. We hope you enjoyed talking with us as much as we enjoyed talking with you! Feel free to download a copy of the handout that we were giving away at our table.