Survey Results

A marketing survey of 51 people has been completed. Some of the notable findings:

  • 47.0% of respondents are late at least once per month to their first engagement (e.g. work, class) due to not waking up on time.
  • 45.1% of respondents claim that a groggy feeling in the morning has a negative impact on their productivity.
  • 37.3% of respondents stated that they would “probably” or “definitely” buy the product at the current price estimate.

If you’re a potential investor and would like to see the full results of this survey, please contact us to request a nondisclosure agreement. After signing and returning this agreement, you will be sent a copy of the complete survey results. Current team members can access the survey results directly.

The Beginning of the Venture

Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO, met today with Dr. David Dinges, a leading expert in chronobiology, to assess the feasibility and utility of a venture involving ChronoWake. Generally, the concept behind ChronoWake was determined to be a valid one. If implemented well, the potential market for such a product would be nearly limitless. As such, ChronoWake appears to be a worthwhile endeavor.