Reaccepted to Wharton VIP

To continue in the Wharton Venture Initiation Program, all current members must reapply each semester. The reapplication results have been announced, and we’re happy to say that ChronoWake has been accepted to its fourth consecutive semester in the program, effective through the end of 2009.

In addition to the reapplications for existing members, an unprecedented 14 new companies have been accepted into the program. The ChronoWake Team would like to congratulate the below ventures and welcome them to the Wharton Venture Initiation Program!

Bashpole Group: Product design and development group.
CouponKong: CouponKong is a revenue-enhancement tool for retailers and restaurants that lets customers design their own custom coupons.
Gamma Basics: Gamma Basics produces GrayCAD, a software package that visualizes radiation.
Innovation For All, Inc: IFA provides a self-management tool for patients with chronic disease based on SMS technology; this “low-tech” application, based on patient interactions, is a unique offering in the health care IT space.
Juncanoo: Juncanoo provides an application which allows tourist institutions such as museums, distribute audioguides onto mobile devices.
LineBreeze: Mobile-phone ordering for food and concessions at sports stadiums and theme parks.
MG Legal Solutions, LLC: Online SaaS (software as a service) legal/compliance tools, products, and services.
MVD Consulting: The consulting group provides state of the art text and data mining services to pharmaceutical and health care related companies., Inc.: The one-stop organizational and social utility for fraternity and sorority chapters.
PayDivvy: PayDivvy is a financial technology company providing collective payment and finance services for roommates.
Portfolio Art Management: Wealth management firm focused on advising clients on art portfolios.
StorageByMail LLC: is a unique alternative to traditional self-storage that offers downloadable prepaid shipping labels, centralized storage and online tracking.
Textaurant: Textaurant is a waiting list management application for businesses whose patrons experience waits of longer than 45 minutes, which allows those patrons to wait anywhere and be alerted via mobile phone or text message.
TutorChatLive: TutorChatLive is a nonprofit free, online, live tutoring service that aims to help struggling students around the world while fostering an online academic community.

Note: If any of the companies would like to edit their company name/description or add a link to their website in this post, please comment below or contact us.

View the list of all current VIP members. Once again, congratulations to the newly accepted ventures; we look forward to working with you!

Research Associate Hired

The ChronoWake Team would like to welcome Joshua Qin. He is joining our company in the capacity of a Research Associate.

A Sacramento, CA native, Joshua is a second-year undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. He has experience in both business and the life sciences as a member of the Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management. He will conduct sleep research and serve as a liaison between the science-oriented and business-educated members of the team.

Joshua’s work at ChronoWake will be subsidized entirely by the University of Pennsylvania’s Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management, as a part of the LSM Summer Internship portion of his curriculum.

We appreciate the support of the Vagelos Program in paying for Joshua’s employment, and we look forward to working with him over the summer and beyond.

Wharton VIP Reapplication Accepted

At the end of each semester, all current Wharton Venture Initiation Program members must submit reapplications to remain in the program. The results of the reapplication process have been released, and we are proud to announce that we have been selected to continue in Wharton VIP for the summer of 2009.

The ChronoWake Team would like to congratulate and welcome the newly accepted ventures:

American Resource Conservation, LLC: ARC funds land and resource conservation by monetizing ecosystem services, leasing renewable energy sites, and developing limited real estate products.
Code Blue: Through developing the Code Blue reusable water bottle with modular filter, our mission is to address the global water crisis by increasing consumer awareness and providing safe drinking water to the ever more mobile and urban world.
Dropcard: Dropcard empowers salespeople to capture every interaction, be remembered, and share contact information anywhere.
Initiative to Develop Entrepreneurial Ability (IDEA): IDEA will be a non-profit venture that aims to train college students in developed countries and link them to young entrepreneurs in developing countries as a means of providing entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise.
NIR Diagnostics: NIR Diagnostics specializes in near-infrared diagnostic technologies, and its device (InfraVue) provides a rapid and non-invasive method to quantitatively assess the healing process of complex wounds.
ONE VISION: Transformational designer, marketer, and retailer of fashionable eyewear sold online at 1/5 the price of traditional glasses.
Philadelphia’s Old Original Walking Tours: Philadelphia’s Old Original Walking Tours offers insightful, engaging walking tours in the city of Philadelphia to give tourists memories that will last for years.
Serenity Maternity & Baby Organic Skin Care: Organic maternity and baby skin care line formulated with 100% safe, natural, and organic ingredients for a mum to be, a nursing mum, a sexy mum, and a happy baby.
Seven Rivers: Seven Rivers will provide purified and enhanced water products to on-the-go college students who desire the purity of filtered water but want to go green by reducing plastic bottle waste.

View the list of all current VIP members.