Potential Competitors

As the interest in, and popularity of, ChronoWake has been greatly increasing for the past year and a half, it’s not surprising that a couple of potential competitors have sprung up recently. We would like to address this in a public statement.

The first such competitor utilizes a motion-detection mechanism to attempt to determine the ideal time to wake up by estimating sleep stages. However, monitoring movement is only an indirect measure of sleep stage, and is thus, by definition, less accurate and precise than utilizing EEG (electroencephalography), the primary mechanism utilized by ChronoWake. It may occasionally wake the user at the ideal time, but not nearly at the rate of our product.

The second competitor does, in fact, attempt to utilize EEG to determine sleep stage. With some of our funding, the ChronoWake Team purchased this $400 product and tried it out ourselves. Despite a higher price point than our product, it doesn’t seem to work at all. In fact, during testing by one of our team members, he awoke several times during the night, once actually getting up and leaving the bed for a few minutes. In its sleep summary the next morning, this product claimed that he slept soundly through the night and never awoke until the morning. Obviously, if this product cannot detect whether one is awake or asleep, it will not be able to initiate waking at an ideal time.

In summary, both products appear to rely at least partially on the placebo effect. Conversely, our product relies on proven scientific methods to determine sleep stage. In fact, the only scientifically and medically valid way to determine sleep stage is primarily through EEG, as demonstrated by these papers, among many others.

Emergence of competitors is not a negative. In fact, we consider it a great sign – that the basis of our product has been validated in the business world. Other companies that have also done the market research have come to the same conclusion as us: there exists a large enough market to warrant large research and development expenditures. As a well-respected entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and professor once said, “If you can’t find any competitors, you either haven’t looked hard enough, or no one will want your product.” And with a technologically superior product, we have no doubt that ChronoWake will dominate this market.