Wharton Venture Award Winner!

We are extremely proud to announce that Rob Goldstein, Chief Financial Officer, was selected as a Wharton Venture Award winner after presenting to the selection committee alongside Ryan Goldstein, President/CEO. Consequently, he is awarded $10,000 cash for financial support to develop the venture over the summer. Most of this money will be infused directly into ChronoWake to help fund future company activities, such as product development, research, and marketing.

The Wharton Venture Award is the largest of all of the awards provided by Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs. As with all funding and support received to date, no equity position will be taken, meaning that ChronoWake management still retains 100% ownership of the company.

In the announcement of WVA winners, ChronoWake was featured on the homepage of Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs, pictured below.

Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs Homepage
Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs Homepage

This site receives over 1,500,000 visitors each month according to TrafficEstimate.com. Being featured on the WEP homepage has significantly increased our already substantial publicity and exposure.

We want to extend our most sincere appreciation to Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs, and especially to the Heller Family Foundation, for providing this seed funding and associated publicity to help support our venture.